Current Scenario

We presented the 2019 financial statements at a dramatic moment not only for Milan, but for Italy and the entire world. In this unprecedented emergency, ATM was asked once again to play a crucial role in ensuring essential public transport services for those who had to travel for health or work reasons. The multiple adjustments and changes made to the service, as requested by the relevant institutions, involved exceptionally complex operational processes as well as organising thousands of employees.

This was made possible by the soundness of our corporate processes, which we have consolidated over the years, as well as the commitment and sense of responsibility of all ATM employees, who take their job seriously every day and are aware of their duty to continue providing essential mobility services. On the other hand, the Company has put in place a series of extraordinary measures to support employees with the goal of redesigning working methods while preserving job stability, knowing full well that ATM's key asset is its workforce.
In the future, we will have to further innovate so as to not just “simply” rebuild, using past experiences—however successful they may have been—as a guide, but rather build new models for a different world. That said, it is the value of professional expertise, and the certainty that together we can overcome even the toughest challenges, that will offer a new starting point for ATM. The strong results delivered in 2019 and the robust financial structure allow us to look ahead while adapting and leveraging what we achieved over the last three years.
ATM has showed that it has accommodated—and often even anticipated—the strategic decisions and specific requests of institutions as well as, and most importantly, the Municipal Government, in response to which the Company has pursued policies to boost efficiency and optimise resources. This is also why ATM, as a mobility provider of complex and integrated systems, is playing and will increasingly have to play a crucial role in Milan's economic and social growth.

2019 Financial Statements

2019 was a year of major achievements. The first milestone was the implementation of the new Mobility Catchment Area Integrated Fare System: besides revising fares and borders, this also resulted in the introduction of special terms for local passengers—a true revolution that concerned also our operations. In 2019, as the metro's green line celebrated its 50th anniversary, the Company launched a massive overhaul exceeding €450 million: accessibility, new trains, increased frequency, and equipment maintenance and upgrades. August was a challenging month, as the waterproofing of the tunnels required interrupting service on line 2. To limit the inconvenience for customers, ATM came up with an unprecedented plan to provide alternative connections and support passengers, involving all corporate areas in a programme to thoroughly monitor the entire affected route—an effort that was appreciated by several customers. All these extraordinary events, as well as the Company's day-to-day operations, also saw the adoption of new communication methods, as we provided more timely information and struck a more direct and inclusive "tone".


With over 10,000 employees, ATM manages public transport and integrated mobility services in the city of Milan and in 95 municipalities in Lombardy, on a territory that affects over 3.3 million inhabitants.



Stakeholders of the Group

In conducting its activities, the Group implements multiple engagement initiatives with stakeholders, establishing and maintaining relationships based on principles of transparency, listening and collaboration.

Employees and their families
Public Administration of the City of Milan
Suppliers and Commercial Partners
Local Community and NGOs
Universities and Research Centres
Union Groups

Engagement activities

There are multiple channels available to ensure constant interaction between the Group and its employees, in order to analyze and resolve problems of the employees. Among these channels are a whistleblowing channel and boxes to signal SA8000 discrepancies for certified companies.

Engagement activities

Multiple round tables ensure continuous discussion and collaboration between the ATM Group, the Municipality of Milan and the other PA institutions.

Engagement activities

Investor relations are managed through the normal channels, established by the Group for this purpose (e.g. conference call, website, periodic financial reports).

Engagement activities

ATM engages with suppliers through normal business relations and the procedures identified by the SA8000 management system.

Engagement activities

Every year ATM organizes initiatives aimed at involving local communities in corporate life, stimulating the discussion between the Group and the surrounding area. An example is the ATM Porte Aperte initiative, aimed at showing the community “behind the scenes” of public transport and putting people who dedicate themselves every day to guaranteeing the services offered into the spotlight.

Engagement activities

Customers can interact with the Group by communicating suggestions and complaints through the multiple channels, both physical and digital. ATM considers monitoring the perceived quality, through periodic customer satisfaction surveys, an important listening tool for constantly improving service.

Engagement activities

During 2019, ATM continued its collaboration with the Milan Polytechnic University, participating in a three-year project course called “Mobility: Infrastructures & Services”, as well as through the creation of two scholarships within the same course of study. In addition, ATM has collaborated with Bicocca University via lectures within the Master in “Management of Local Public Transport” (MTPL) and with La Sapienza University of Rome for the Master in “Management of Local Public Transport”. Finally, Atm continued its collaboration with various universities, hosting curricular apprenticeships and student internships within the company.

Engagement activities

ATM engages with the media through press conferences, corporate events and public and institutional meetings.

Engagement activities

Trade union representatives are engaged through establishment and maintenance of continuous dialogue with the unions present within the ATM Group.

Materiality Matrix

The purpose of the materiality matrix is to present the sustainability issues considered most relevant for the ATM Group and its Stakeholders.

Respect for
human rights and anti-corruption
Importance for stakeholders
Importance for ATM group
Noise and vibration
and integration
of services
Diversity, inclusion and welfare
management of the
supply chain
Community relations
and local development
Responsible management of
resources and waste
Economic and financial
Training and
professional development
Energy consumption and
environmental impacts
Protection of
health and
Ethics, integrity
and compliance
Quality and accessibility
of services
Security & Safety